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Infrared Camera
Infrared Camera


There’s no doubt that a thorough and comprehensive inspection is most critical to an overall mold, moisture and IAQ investigation and or mold abatement clearance, the US EPA US OSHA and CDPH agree that MOLD and IAQ inspectors, samplers and remediation contractors should have a solid construction background.

These agencies also concur that a construction competent mold and moisture inspector that is able to fully understand the design and complexity of the building is better able to make more accurate determinations.

In a damp building situation elevated mold spores are not the only culprits of poor air quality that can make you feel sick.

Water and moisture infiltration is proven to be the causation of unhealthful and dangerous levels of bacteria growth, accelerated roach, termite, dust mite and vermin infestations which releases contaminated feces particulates and body fragments into the air you breathe.

The fact is unforeseen water, moisture and mold infiltration also causes significantly more damages to building structures each year than termite damages.

California Certified Inspections has over 30 years of hands on water damage construction experience (CSLN-574974) and over 10 years as a certified inspector which is a significant advantage in a high quality mold, water, moisture infiltration investigation.

Moisture infiltration and mold is a huge IAQ problem that can go on for years without notice, water infiltration can be caused by numerous construction defects such as negative landscape grading allowing water to pool up against the structure, poorly placed irrigation saturating the building exterior and stucco causing water infiltration into the building envelope and into the crawlspace foundation, there may be leaking plumbing inside the crawlspace or high humidity in the attic , a defective HVAC system and other building components that create problems.

Good general construction experience combined with knowledge of building sciences and basic mycology are invaluable assets in a quality building and mold inspection.

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  • Certified Mold Inspector
  • Certified IAC2 Consultant
  • Certified Moisture Intrusion Inspector
  • Certified NACHI Home Inspector
  • CSLB Licensed Contractor
  • Certified Infrared Inspector

Technology We Use

A moisture intrusion inspection depends on technology and a visual inspection, some of the items we use:

  • FLIR Infrared Camera
  • Tramex Moisture Detector
  • Humidity Meter
  • Zefon Air Pump

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They inspected a property for me in Beverly Hills. Not only did they note items that needed fixing. But, they explained the issues and costs associated with them in a way to give knowledge to my clients and still give them peace with the home. I look forward to working with them again and again. Thank you Certified Home Inspections! You guys rock!

Andrew M.
Real Estate Agent

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